About Me

The writers journey is a long road. <- My justification for having a picture on this page.

Since I was a kid and I knew story telling was a thing, I’ve wanted to write.

I’ve written countless words on paper. Even more in the digital realm.

In the mid-90’s when it was first possible to set up a free HTML website … I think it was homestead.com, which still hosts websites, but no, this is not a plug. I don’t use them …  I created a blog before it was even called a blog.

I threw up some graphics on static html pages and filled them with my opinions on … I don’t even remember. I’m sure it was all riveting stuff. I was 20 something, how could it not be?

I called it “Hotdog and the Alligator.” Why? I just wanted an odd name that would stand out.

It didn’t.

I moved to blogger.com and created an actual blog because now blogging was a thing.

Then I heard about NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writer’s Month. Write a 50,000 word novel in a month. I wanted to be a writer and this sounded really cool. Right off the bat, I misunderstood the instructions.

I thought it said to use a blog site to write a 50,000 word story. Turns out, this was just a suggestion and I put my so-rough-no one-should-even-read-by-accident writing out there for the world. Each day I made a post of that day’s writing and I actually finished that year. A little over 50,000 words in one month. <- Not bad for someone with a short attention span.

That site is gone now, too.

I bought my first domain: Cliffymania.com. It was mildly successful and that’s not a typo. I mean “mild” not “wild.” I reached over 400 posts and I was getting a handful of hits every day.

But all good things and what not and I killed it.

I didn’t want to write any more. I was certain no one cared about it anyway. <– That’s me being overly dramatic.

I couldn’t stay away from writing. I regrouped, reevaluated, and rebranded. It’s all rebranding these days.

Bringing me to CliffRichardson.com.

Which I killed.


Killed again.

Restarted as a site called Snapshot wherein I tried to take a picture and write a thousands words about it. That lasted for two posts. Two good posts, but only two.

Now I’m back….again.

Back at CliffRichardson.com and recognizing that I have tried so hard to make an identity for myself and completely overlooking that I already have one.

Richardson: True Confessions of an Armchair Theologian.

It’s about everything. It will likely be disorganized, poorly edited and for that I feel no reason to apologize.

Read. Think. Write a Letter.

Now click here for a shot at finding what you were actually looking for when you accidentally stumbled on this site.

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