Based on a True Story

The Sacrament and The Dark Night of the Soul

The Dark Night of the Soul is the part of the story where the hero believes all is lost. Every attempt to succeed thwarted and every resource spent. There is no turning back because even the path back to safety is blocked. It’s all over for the hero and by extension, us.
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The Offering: Plot Twist

In the narrative structure we have reached the midpoint of the story. The plot twist happens here; the point where the hero’s goal changes so dramatically it can feel like an altogether new story.
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Prayer in Conflict

The Prayers of the Church come after the readings, the sermon and the creeds. We’ve been through the training, but we’re still in our bubble. The Prayers of the Church are about to burst that bubble.
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The Mentor and the Manifesto

A mentor does many things, but there is one part distinct to mentors; relating experience. Teachers train us in a given discipline. Parents guide us in ethics and morality. A mentor is a guide on the path we’ve chosen.
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