• Human Tales: Lucy’s Mysterious Commitment Concession
    Human Tales are about us; right here, right now. This conversation is between two people; a young woman about to move in with her boyfriend and an older friend to whom she is revealing the news.
  • Already Gone by Ken Hamm and Britt Beemer
    A survey by George Barna shows 61% of today’s young adults attended church when they were younger, but have since left the church.
  • The Battle is Won
    Jesus didn’t fight Satan for the title of Ruler of the World. There was never a fight. Jesus was always going to win. The fight wasn’t between Jesus and Satan. It was between God and death.
  • Digitally Discontent: Am I Saving Too Much Digital Content?
    Is it possible to be discontent and not know it? What if discontentment disguised itself and we unwittingly called it something else? Like a Pinterest feed… I want a bigger house, faster car, and a higher paying job; that’s what it means to be discontent, right? Right? The Apostle Paul wrote about what it means to content. Not that I …
  • The Turning Point
    The Liturgy as Narrative Part VIII Act II Scene V The Lord’s Prayer “My whole life flashed before my eyes…” You’ve probably had one of those moments when something happened so suddenly and so out of your control, when you talk about it you say, “My whole life flashed before my eyes.” It’s such a great ironic phrase because we …
  • Talking about Religion and Politics…?
    How do you talk about religion and politics in your family?(1)Cover image is by Mark K├Ânig on Unsplash, extra points for those who can guess what it has to do with this post. A lot of people don’t like to talk about these topics, even with family members, because it leads to arguments and division. I know. I’ve been there. …
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